she wears short skirts i watch star trek

she’s cheer captain and i’m watching star trek

dreaming bout the day when i wake up and find myself on the bridge of the starship enterprise

i am so proud of you omg

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Can someone rewrite Phantom of the Opera so that Christine has a personality and Raoul isn’t the buttmonkey and Erik isn’t really worryingly creepy yet no one seems to notice
Oh wait that’s just the book.

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Let’s give a moment to those mothers that can not have a child…

and to the husbands that stick by their wives regardless of wether they can have a child

This was the most realistic Disney movie ever.

yeah the part where the house flies off due to a bunch of balloons was very realistic 

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Url Drawing; youarethefirstdreamofmysoul

Will Herondale and Tessa Gray, The Infernale Devices 

©Cassandra Clare
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Princess Fashion, Higor Sousa 

i would honestly wear the shit outta that jasmine dress

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Okay, I have a bit of a headcanon about the movie Frozen that relates to the trolls. Yes, I know this movie is old by now, shut up. Bare with me or just ignore me if you don’t care. Also, if someone else has come up with this headcanon, sorry for wasting your time.


Most people haven’t put as much time into the senselessly research of fairy creatures as I have but fae creatures, which trolls are commonly portrayed as, were once viewed a dangerous and often evil creatures. Now, you might wonder what that knowledge has to do with my headcanon; well, I believe that the trolls had a hand in the rather sudden betrayal of Prince Hans. 

I’m sure some people might think that’s crazy and that the trolls were good guys who helped the king and queen and Elsa and Anna and even took in Kristoff when he was just a child but the thing about fae is that there’s always some manor of a catch.

I imagine that the king and queen would have never gone to the trolls unless they were truly desperate, which they definitely were but they never ask them if they might know a way to suppress Elsa’s powers, that’s certainly something I might ask but maybe they knew that whatever payment the trolls would want in return would be too great. 

Then there’s Kristoff who absentmindedly wandered into the troll’s home while following Elsa’s ice. In the middle of a conversation with the troll Bulda she decides that she likes Sven and Kristoff and declares that she will keep them. While Bulda’s comment might be seen as cute and funny and simply seems to be a one-off joke, it’s seen later in the film that she was quite serious and kept him as though he he were part of the family but isn’t that also horrifying when you think about it? The trolls didn’t know if he was actually an orphan or not, hell we don’t really know if he was. Fae have a habit of taking children away and it could be possible that he had just been with them for so long that he had forgotten that he wasn’t an orphan before he met them.

The most important bit, though, is when they wanted Anna to marry Kristoff. You could say that trolls might just be overbearing and that they might have acted that way if he had brought any girl to meet them but I’d say that this was the payment that the trolls knew was coming the moment she had been brought to them when she was a child. It, of course, wasn’t their plan for the start; who knows what they might have wanted if Kristoff hadn’t been adopted, it perhaps might not have even been of consequence for generations. 

What also struck me as interesting is that upon hearing that Anna was engaged, their immediate thought was that the arrangement could be fixed by “getting her fiance out of the way”, they also make note of her lacking an engagement ring and while I do know that it was simply suppose to be a funny lyric coming from a child character, it’s important to remember that an engagement ring is a powerful symbol of love and, in lacking one, it could open the door to any number of spells. It’s only after the trolls learn that Anna is engaged that Hans starts to behave differently.

Hans acts foolish and clumsy and even a bit childish when he first meets Anna and while it he claims at the end that it was a clever plan to steal the throne, let’s be honest, no part of Hans “plan” would have worked out if it was truly a plan to begin with for the simple fact that there were far too many variables. 

1. The gates to the castle hadn’t been opened since the girls were children, there was no way that Hans could have known that it was Anna he was stumbling into on the dock. In fact it would have been far more likely that it was simply a well dressed peasant girl or the daughter of a lord.

2. Even if he had known that she was princess, he had no clue what she was like, she could have been deeply offended by him knocking her down or she could have lacked interest in him for being so clumsy or she could have declared him a pervert and called for guards to come to her aid when he ended up onto of her. Actually, in a time like that women actually trained themselves to faint so simply being in a situation like that should have made her pass out.

3. The second born princess of a kingdom can do better than a thirteenth born prince, regardless of where they hail from. If Hans had been this mastermind the whole time then he would have known that and he certainly would have assumed that neither of the princesses would be interested in him.

4. Hans claimed that it was clear that no one was getting anywhere with Elsa, which implied that she had suitor that she had refused in the past but, again, the gates had been closed almost all their lives. No one would have even gotten the chance to court either of the girls.

5. Hans scaled a mother fucking mountain to find Anna. A realistic prince would send soldiers to bring the girls home. There was no reason for a man that didn’t have any romantic feelings for either of the girls to go up a mountain to find them both when he could get a large group of men to do it for him.

6. If Hans had wanted Elsa dead, why didn’t he let her get shot by the crossbow bolt? She could have been out of his way right then and there but he saved her and took her home.

These thoughts could all just be a testament to bad writing but I like it better my way, with the trolls casting a spell that made Hans’ intentions turn dark. And if you think about it, while they weren’t married by the end, both Anna and Kristoff were showing that they were in love, so the trolls clearly got what they wanted. What exactly they wanted this for isn’t entire clear, which is in and of itself incredibly fae-like.


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Shadowhunter gear- Inspired by (x)

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"But Hans is not a stranger."

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I will stop reblogging this when it stops being perfection.

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